One Juggling Birthday

By Mónica Morales

Welcome! In this site you will find the most interesting bits from the creation of my picturebook, Un Cumpleaños de Malabares, or One Juggling Birthday. Here I share with you some personal thoughts, photographs and experiences from the last two years of this project. 


Want to see more?

I made this video as a tutorial on how to read and use this picturebook. Take a look!

Behind the Scenes

Here I share some "behind the scenes" photographs that capture how my project came about– Early Ideation These process photos show some...

Sneak Peek: The Interviews

I had the opportunity to talk with three, very inspiring Latin American authors and illustrators of children's books, as part of my...

Read the Full Story

Read the English version of the story here. It's almost as if you would be reading it on the actual book.